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Real-time position tracking

With Pin2Pin, you get real-time tracking and monitoring of your vehicles, drivers, and cargo, so you always know where your assets are, and how they are performing. Our advanced GPS tracking technology, combined with our intuitive dashboard, gives you complete visibility and control over your entire fleet.

Order management

With Pin2Pin, you can easily monitor and manage your entire transport network in real-time, so you can stay on top of your logistics and improve efficiency. Our software tracks every aspect of your products’ transport, including location, estimated delivery time etc. This allows you to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in the best possible condition.

Electronic proof of delivery

Pin2pin Checks driver location during the order fulfillment and does not allow order completion if the driver is not in the delivery location. this can be a proof that the driver delivered the goods with all the timings and photos as proof.

Who can use pin2pin?

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Companies that ship goods

Do you want to optimise your shipments and see real-time location of your goods? You can use our task manager features to send delivery request to your driver or partner company and record timings and all the data in delivery process. Create a free account to start.

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E-commerce platforms

If you have an e-commerce platform, then you need to have a solution for fast delivery and giving information to your customer. You can use our software, which is integrated with Woocommerce, to create and send orders to your delivery personnel. You can hire freelance delivery providers and use pin2pin to calculate order price based on distance and number of jobs.

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Service Company

Do you have personnel who do regular maintenance on different locations? You can track the location of your employees and send them tasks quickly and easily. When there is a new service request, you can create a new task on our web app and assign the task to the person who will do it. The person will receive a notification in his/her mobile device with all the details related to location and task. Then you can track the movement and location of the person.

Accurate order tracking info

Do you want to offer last mile tracking info for your customers?ย 

We use Google’s cutting edge technology to provide delivery times with upto 97% accuracy.

We offer a e-mail and web interface to give information to final customer. Want to offer this service from your website with your own branding? no problem! please contact Us.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

Hear from our clients

Our clients love working with Pin2Pin, just read what they have to say!


Start using pin2pin

3 steps

We offer free basic plan. No credit card required.

1. Register on web platform

Use the web app login button and register with your email. You will have immediate access to use the software and test it. After login you will see an option on left menu called "drivers List" click it and search the driver name that are registered with mobile app, and add them to your company. you can now send your drivers orders and see their location.

2. Create user accounts for your drivers

After you login to your account in web app, click on Lists and then Employee driver. On top right you can see "Create driver account" button. Click it and fill the form. You need your driver's email and phone number. We will send SMS and Email to your driver and tell them how to install and login to their account.

3. Create Orders and send to your partners / drivers

Go to my orders from right panel. on top you see Create button, hover over it and choose create single order or create from Excel. follow the steps and create and send the orders to your driver.

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Do we need to buy an special device ?

No! Pin2Pin works with mobile phones and require no additional device. You only need to install our app for drivers.

is it possible to give tracking info to our customers ?

yes! If you need this feature, We can send a code snippet to you and you can put a search box in your website, allowing your customers to get tracking info.

How are the payments for service?

We will charge companies on a “per user/per month” basis. please check our pricing page for more details.

Can I create multiple orders at once?

Yes, you can create buck orders from a CSV/Excel file. Please refer to our user guide to learn more.